Stock and Barrel is raising the bar for gun clubs in the Twin Cities


Yes, you heard me correctly.  I said GuntryClub.  It’s real Ladies and gents, a place that takes the traditional look and feel of a gun shop and range, and spins it into the most premium experience I have yet been able to find in the Twin Cities. Stock and Barrel, located in Chanhassen in the South West metro area is the new kid on the block when it comes to gun shops and ranges.  However, Stock and Barrel is not like the awkward new kid from from high school.  From the second you walk in, the wow factor is cranked up 11. I’ll try not to spoil too much of the experience, but it’s unlike anything we have ever seen in the Cities, ever.  The level of detail in the presentation is unparalleled, the considerations for the customer taken on the range are top notch, and the staff is the most friendly and social staff ever.


The main room and sales floor

The first thing you notice when you walk in the front door is the smell. Let’s just say it you enjoyed wood shop in high school you will love this place.  Sitting right in front of you is a massive stone hearth and sitting area.  This not only adds a wonderfully rustic feel to the club, but is a great consideration to people that are waiting to shoot or just there to hang out.  The entire club is overflowing with that high dollar cabin up north feeling.

A gun range built with comfort in mind

That same smell follows you on to the range, at the same time your eyes are treated to fantastic lighting easy sight lines down the 25 yard range.  Polished wood back tables and shooting stations sit on and behind every Lane.  While it may not the obvious right of the bat, you will eventually notice the air quality inside the range is fantastic.  In fact the air is cycled in and out of the entire shooting area in 90 seconds.  So you will not find the traditional haze of the indoor ranges we are used to.


Staff you actually want talk to

The cherry on it all, and I suppose that this is a bit subjective, is the staff. The ladies and gents running the show at Stock and Barrel are top notch.  They are confident and knowledgeable.  Opinionated but not pushy.  They provide solutions without talking down to you.  Hans, one of the managers, went above and beyond in customer service,being an absolute gentlemen he held the door at ever opportunity for my girlfriend who was also with me.  He spoke in terms that were understandable to a new shooter while still being able to get my questions answered.  This seemingly small or insignificant courtesies really set this team apart.  If you are looking for a club that is second to none, look no further.  With a premium feel to every area, and an insane attention to detail. This gun shop changes the game and ups the ante for the competitors in the Twin Cities.  Not to mention they have a second location opening in Golden valley in a week or two!


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